Why should I invest in personal branding? 

READ TIME – 4 MINUTES In today’s competitive landscape, personal branding isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a game-changer! I studied law in university, but who would have ever imagined that building my personal brand, and not law, will help me earn in dollars and relocate to the United States of America with my family.  This […]

How to build your personal brand online with little or no followers

  READ TIME – 1 MINUTE Many years ago, when I started my personal brand, I had little or no followers on all my social media handles. Today, Temi Ajibewa can boast of running a 6 figure business with 100k+ followers across all social media platforms. Here are 4 hacks that helped me build my […]


READ TIME- 4 MINUTES One of the key strategies to growing your business brand is to make it more relatable to your audience through the content you share online.  Let’s have a closer look: is there anything as relatable as humanity? I want to believe your answer is NO. This is so because we are […]


READ TIME – 4 MINUTES Let’s face it – experiencing silence in the comments section after dedicating hours to creating a social media content can be disheartening, especially when you’ve made a call to action prompting people to engage. You may even be tempted to delete the post after a few hours.  I understand you […]

10 Treasures hidden in personal branding.

READ TIME – 4 MINUTES If you ask me to choose between 10 million naira or building my brand, I will pick building my brand. Yes, I’m in my right senses. 10 million naira will eventually deplete, but the brand you build for yourself will remain with you for life and take you to places […]

What I wish I had known earlier about handling online trolls.

READ TIME – 2 MINUTES In 2014 when I began to share my thoughts on personal development on Facebook, I got a few comments suggesting I didn’t know what I was talking about. One of them said something like, “you’re teaching people to do XYZ when you yourself need to learn XYZ?” This made me […]

5 Common Coaching Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes aren’t bad in themselves but if there is a chance that you can take steps to avoid them, it’s wise to take them. As a newbie coach, the odds are often stacked against you. The journey to the top of your coaching career comes with a lot of challenges because you’ve not been through […]

5 Questions Your Customer Avatar Must Ask

Your customer avatar is only as useful as the quality of questions it asks. When you ask the right questions, you’ll be able to create winning products and plan converting ads. This is because your customer avatar will feed you with insider information about your ideal clients. So what questions are important? In this post, […]

How to write your coaching niche statement


You’ve got less than 1 minute or about 150 characters to introduce yourself, what are you going to say to ensure that you don’t lose out on potential clients? That’s where your niche statement comes in. It’s a simple, straight-to-the-point description of what you do as a coach. It helps you state what you do […]