Mistakes aren’t bad in themselves but if there is a chance that you can take steps to avoid them, it’s wise to take them. As a newbie coach, the odds are often stacked against you. The journey to the top of your coaching career comes with a lot of challenges because you’ve not been through that road before.

Thankfully, you can avoid these five common mistakes and make your journey less painful. Read on to learn the 5 common mistakes to avoid as a newbie coach.

1) Trying to be everything to everybody:

How can you alone be a sales coach, marketing coach, mindset coach and a purpose discovery coach all at the same time?

The problem here is that you aren’t clear on the solution you want to deliver as a coach – you haven’t niched down. 

The solution is for you to decide on the one thing you can START with, build on, structure and then move on the next thing. 

When you do, you’ll find it easier to create content. What’s more, you’ll have less dissatisfied clients. 

2) Creating an information product before creating a signature coaching program:

This is a mistake because the consumer will hardly achieve any real transformation if the principles you shared in the product isn’t structured and haven’t been tested or proven to work.

The solution here is for you to step into the shoes of your ideal clients and design a solution pathway that can move them from their ‘hell’ to their ‘heaven’. This is the only way you can come up with a transformational signature coaching program that people will be happy to pay you for.

3) Charging per session instead of charging for the transformation you deliver:

Note, that you’re not a therapist, you’re a coach, and so even though you hold sessions with your client, charging per hour is short-changing yourself. 

The solution? Build a business relationship that will take your client through your signature coaching framework, give them room for execution, feedback and follow-up. That is what people will pay you a premium for.

4) Not investing in branding:

In case you don’t know, branding goes beyond logos and catchy names. It involves networking, positioning and building systems. Learn more about branding.

If you jump the process of building your personal brand as a coach, you’ll be successfully setting your coaching business up for failure in the long run. 

The investment may stretch you a bit but it’s worth every tear, blood and sweat that you put into it. 

5) Over-promising but under-delivering: 

It’s so easy to make this mistake as you’re trying to impress the prospect and close a sale. However, nothing kills a business faster than dissatisfied clients. So instead of doing this, under promise and over deliver.

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