Premium coaching clients are those clients who appreciate the value you offer in your coaching program and are willing to pay you top dollar for it. It’s practically every coach’s dream to have premium clients but you have to be able to attract them first. Read on to learn some of my tried-and-true tips for attracting premium clients.

Tip 1: Be a premium brand

This has to first happen in your mind – it’s all about how you see yourself, the work you do and the value you offer. Switch up your mindset by believing that you’re offering expert-level value. Believe in the solution you offer and that you deserve to charge and be paid your worth.

Tip 2: Create premium transformational offers

Do you have a transformational offer? If you want premium money, consider creating a premium offer – one that delivers the results your ideal clients are looking for. I always recommend a signature coaching framework (SCF). With this, when you give your price, they’ll be ready to pay.

Tip 3: Look  premium

Work on your branding so that both you and your business look like you are capable of delivering results. Nobody will be willing to commit millions to your coaching if you look like you haven’t managed thousands before. #ReadThatAgain.

These are just some of the things you need to get right about your brand if you’re going to attract premium clients.

Tip 4: Give premium gifts

Create valuable free content. Your lead magnet – whether it’s a free pdf download, masterclass or even a free strategy session – should be of the highest quality that you can afford. Premium gifts attract premium clients.  Whatever you do, don’t skimp on this.

It’s also important that it’s created from a properly done research. You don’t want to have leads spend less than one minute on your lead magnet now, do you? If the content of your lead magnet is valuable and addresses their pain points, chances are that they’ll stick around to the end.

Pro-tip: Invest in being where premium people converge

There are events where premium minds gather to share ideas, learn and network. Such events are often high-ticket ones but invest in being there, knowing that you’ll recoup much more than whatever it cost you to be there. 

So deliberately seek out events that are being organised in your industry and attend them. Such events might be seminars, workshops, masterminds, masterclass, retreats etc. When you attend such gatherings, be sure to participate and be seen to be participating. How else do you intend to leave good impressions on the people there if you don’t?

In conclusion, contrary to the doubtful voice in your head, it’s okay to want more. It’s okay to want to do whatever is necessary to make your brand attractive to premium clients. After all, you’re not serving anybody or yourself by playing small. All that matters is that you’re ready to put in the work that’s necessary to the next level so that you can attract premium clients.



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