Temi AjibewaThe Electric Temi: Igniting business and personal growth through strategic coaching and brand mastery.

Temi, renowned as ‘The Electric Temi,’ is a powerhouse in the realm of personal brand strategy and coaching, adept at transforming professionals into influential thought leaders. With groundbreaking initiatives such as Win or Win Academy and The Millionaire Housewife Initiative in the ed-tech sphere, Temi’s mastery of digital marketing and branding is indispensable for organizations striving to elevate their productivity and effectiveness.

From 2003 to 2016, Temi’s trajectory as a Determined Achiever was marked by an unwavering pursuit of academic excellence, coupled with a profound understanding of communication, language, and law. This formative journey laid the groundwork for her becoming a trailblazing coach and strategist.

Temi’s voice, characterized by Electric Eloquence, resonates as an empowering surge, stirring passion and influence, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within her audience. Her communication style exudes inspiring clarity, empowering clients to embrace their full potential and take decisive action.

Grounded in the values of KELP—Knowledge, Execution, Love, and Passion—Temi’s coaching is a testament to her commitment to empowerment, ensuring her clients emerge as industry leaders while upholding ethical standards and a dedication to their success.

As an Empowerment Maven, Temi’s expertise spans personal brand strategy and business coaching, underpinned by a diverse array of certifications including Corporate Coach, DISC Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Peak Performance Consultant. Her holistic approach is enriched by a profound understanding of legal and linguistic nuances.

Temi’s commitment to inclusivity shines through initiatives like The Millionaire Housewife Initiative, where she champions diversity and democratizes opportunities across socioeconomic backgrounds. Her impactful leadership style fosters transformative change, guiding clients towards growth through actionable strategies and supportive mentorship.

A Visionary Trailblazer, Temi aspires to amplify her thought leadership globally, nurturing a community of empowered leaders and entrepreneurs poised to drive lasting impact and generational wealth.

At the core of her philosophy lies a belief in transformation—Temi advocates for self-realization, strategic action, and value creation through personal and business branding.

Temi specializes in:

1. Personal Transformation Coaching: Guiding thought leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, driving impact and income through personal growth and results-driven endeavors.
2. Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions: Offering expertise in enhancing productivity, sales, and brand effectiveness through innovative digital marketing strategies tailored to organizational objectives.
3. Women’s Empowerment through Technology: Spearheading initiatives like The Millionaire Housewife Initiative to empower women in leveraging technology for launching and growing successful online businesses, promoting economic independence and technological empowerment.

Temi is not aligned with:

1. Inaction and Lack of Ambition: She does not resonate with individuals or organizations lacking ambition or unwilling to pursue their goals with vigor.
2. Traditional, Non-Innovative Approaches: Temi favors modern, digital, and creative solutions over traditional methods that hinder growth and branding effectiveness.
3. Resistance to Change and Personal Development: She is not inclined to work with individuals or organizations resistant to change or personal growth, emphasizing the importance of evolving brands and embracing coaching.

Temi’s top target audiences include:

1. Professional and Business Leaders: Individuals seeking to establish or enhance their personal brand, increase marketability, and create opportunities for more impact and income.
2. Organizations Seeking Improvement: Corporate clients in need of management consulting services to enhance productivity, sales, and brand effectiveness, particularly in digital marketing and branding.
3. Women Seeking Economic Independence: Specifically, women aiming to start or grow home-based businesses, leveraging technology and digital platforms for economic empowerment, supported by The Millionaire Housewife Initiative.


Fondly called The Electric Temi, Temi Ajibewa is an award-winning and highly-sought after thought leader in the personal development and business coaching industry.
As the CEO of the Win Or Win International LLC and a Personal Brand Coach, Temi helps professional and business leaders to attract more opportunities for more impact and income doing what they love. 
She is a Certified Corporate Coach & Mentor, John Maxwell DISC Trainer, Results Coach, NLP Practitioner, Peak Performance Consultant, and a Firewalker at the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Conference.
Temi is the founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy, a foremost edu-tech platform designed to help women leverage technology to launch and grow successful online businesses.
Temi holds a B.A in English from Lagos State University and LLB Law from University of Lagos but lends her expertise as a management consultant to organisations who want to increase their productivity, sales and brand effectiveness, through her Digital Marketing and Branding solutions.
She has been featured on several media platforms as a thought leader on business growth, branding and wealth creation strategies.
Temi is a proud recipient awards such as 
– The Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018
– The Business Coach of the Year 2018
– The Coach of the Year 2019 Award; and
– One of the 100 Most Inspiring Women In Nigeria in 2021.
Temi currently lives in Texas, USA with her family where she also runs her business as a US-government Recognised Individual With Exceptional Abilities. 

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Temi has a very good business acumen and no matter what the rest of the world is seeing. She is able to find opportunities in every situation and dedicated to bringing out the best in the processes and people she is affiliated with. 

She brings with her a package of possibility mentality, creativity and versatility. 

Niyi Adesanya
Performance & Leadership Strategist

Remi Owadokun

"I have known Temi to be extremely driven, consistent, always eager to learn and improve herself. She is a value-adder and always strives to give value to those who come in contact with her. She is dedicated, vibrant and compassionate”

Bankole Williams

"Temi is a passionate, hardworking and optimistic young lady who goes beyond the perceived impossible to achieve extraordinary results. Her goal oriented, 'never-say-die' attitude keeps her admirable and anyone who works with her will be sure to smash their goals”

Foluso Ilevbare

"The “Electric Temi” as she is fondly called is a passionate, creative, and versatile business woman who is committed to elevating every woman that comes in contact with her. She walks the talk and has helped many women break free from poverty mentality.”


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