How can you begin to build your personal brand? What is important, and what’s not? Branding is all around you and in this post, I’ll show you the tangible elements of personal branding so that you can connect the dots.

Before you take any step to build a personal brand, it is important to know yourself well enough and understand what solution you bring to the marketplace.

This is important because people may not pay you to get into heaven, but they would pay you to get out of hell. You have to be able to identify the hell that you can bring people out of.

Read that line again.

What hell can your solution bring people out of? Who are you exactly? What do you stand for? The answer to this question forms the foundation for positioning yourself online.

The next step is to present yourself. At this point, you let people know about what you do, and create offers – free or paid to offer people your solution. We live in an era where you will be recognized and remembered by what you create. Create something.

Now, pay attention to your brand. At this point, I have to let you in on a secret on how to build a business on top of your personal brand so you don’t just get known or influential without systems and structures that will position you for a lifetime of wealth. The secret is in two parts: The tangible elements of personal branding and the intangible elements of personal branding.

I’ll deal with the latter in another post

The tangible elements of personal branding are:

These are the obvious things that your audience connects with at various touch points with your personal brand, so it’s worth taking the time to decide on what your tangible elements will be, and stay consistent with them so that people begin to associate it with your name.

If you are not sure what to name your brand, please give it your personal name. For example, my personal brand is named after me, Temi Ajibewa . This name represents me everywhere I go and even speaks for me in my absence. So, pick a name that best represents who you are and what you do.

In the next post, I will shed more light on the intangible elements which are even more important than the tangible elements of Personal Branding.

Which of the elements above do you need to get sorted? Which so you currently have sorted? Let me know in the comments.

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