The coaching industry is a very large one with lots of niches and sub-niches. Many newbie coaches often find themselves going through lots of coaching questions and answers on the internet in search of how to start. If you’re one of those coaches, this post is just for you. Grab a notepad and keep reading to learn more about coaching niches.

Starting Your Career In Coaching

One of the most common mistakes newbie coaches make is to start their coaching career without first taking the time to decide on the specific need they want to help their clients solve. Some even decide by googling the best paid coaching niches and choose from them.

To do this is to pull the plug on your coaching career before it even takes off. Choosing your niche requires a lot of introspection and research. But first, why should you have a niche?

Should I Niche Down?

You’ve probably been thinking something along this line as you were reading this. The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’. Niching helps you structure your coaching business to meet the needs of a specific set of people. Without structure, you’ll find it difficult to create content, target ads, attract premium clients, convert leads to paying clients and so much more.

To find your niche easily, consider my H3 connection which helps you decide on your perfect niche by finding out the subject where your Heart (passion), Hands (skill) and Head (knowledge) meet. 

Tree chart showing different coaching niches in the coaching industry


Here are some of the more popular coaching niches. However, this isn’t in any way an exhaustive list. I’ll be talking more about coaching niches in the future. For now, read through to see if you can identify yours.

You help people improve their public speaking skills. Some of your clients include political figures, thought leaders, religious leaders etc.

You help people develop relationships that are healthy and satisfying.

Your job is to help people explore their sexuality and better handle their sexual expression for higher satisfaction.

A business coach helps people bring their business ideas to life, scale their businesses and create working systems that help them succeed.

As a sales coach, you work with salespeople and entrepreneurs to help them meet their sales target.

You help people develop plans or tools with which they can improve their health and stay healthy.

Your duty to your clients is to help them achieve their goals by creating plans or strategies that make them more effective.

You help women identify and dismantle beliefs that hold them back and keep them from living fully.

As a mindset coach, you help people uncover anxieties and fears that reduce their quality of life.

As a career coach, you help people find their dream careers, decide on a career path or transition from one career to another.


The coaching industry is growing by the year as more and more people accept that coaching is important for a society to thrive. The coaching industry has become an umbrella of numerous niches and sub-niches. Deciding on your coaching niche is necessary for your success as a coach. Take the time to research your niche before you start your coaching career.

I hope you found this useful.

Let me know what you learnt in the comments.


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