In the past few weeks, I’ve published a series of posts, related to Personal Branding and not only is this an interesting topic, it has the capacity to generate endless income for you if you pay attention. My last post contains a list of tangible personal branding elements, but today, we’ll deal with the intangible elements of personal branding.

The intangible elements of personal branding can not immediately be seen at a glance but they are highly important. They include:

Core Message
This is the singular solution that you bring to the market to ease people of their pain. For me, my core message is helping you to turn your passion to profits or make money doing what you love; that’s my core message.

Core Market
Your core market refers to those your message is meant for; the specific group of people that your solution is proven to work for. Remember, you are not sent to the whole world. There is a fraction of the world’s population that you are sent to and it’s important you know and identify them.

My core market consists of women looking for more; women who are tired of doing the same thing over and over again and want more out of life, they want to make more money and create more impact. They want to live in their purpose, so, I help them monetize their purpose. They are between the ages of 37 and 47 and reality hits them daily and they are in a hurry to get into their purpose.

Core Philosophy
What is the underlining philosophy you are trying to promote? Mine is that everybody can make money doing what they love. I show people what it takes to make money doing what they love and exactly how they can do the same if they actually choose to do it.

Value Proposition
This is the answer to “Why should I buy from you and not somebody else?” For me, my energy is my value proposition. I bring my heat, electricity, and my entire self into my coaching, and I deliver results every single time. I am passionate about helping you. Before anything else, I help you to run discovery test that will help you know yourself. It’s only after this is done that we move on to other things designed in the coaching plan.

You should design your value proposition too that will give your audience more reasons to work with you and you alone.

Unique Solution System
This is your step-by-step process of solving your customer’s problem. Your unique solution system maybe 5-7 steps that you have already prepared to take your clients from where they are (based on your value proposition and core market) to where they want to be.

Many people don’t pay enough attention to the intangible elements of their personal brand, even though the intangible controls the tangible. They help your audience to trust you and trust is very important.

People learn to trust you through consistent interaction with your brand. They get used to seeing quality work from you and know exactly what to expect.

So, at this point, you need to grab a sit and take notes. What are the philosophies you want to drive? What’s your vision? What are your goals? What is your solution? How will you build trust?

These are the important questions to ask yourself as you build your personal brand.

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