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26TH DECEMBER, 2022.


Is There A Fool-Proof Strategy To Set Your Goals And Hit Them?

I asked myself this exact question some 10 years ago – and what I discovered set me on a 360-degree transformation that I’ve not recovered from.


In a world where goal-setting has become a yearly exercise, most people tend to set goals only at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year – some people even call it “new year resolution”. In my country, Nigeria, we often say: “new year, new resolution.”


And the big idea behind this is that we believe setting goals is a yearly thing, and so we prefer to subject our achievements to yearly plans.


In so doing, we stretch goals that can be achieved under 30-60 days to a full year… and we limit long-term goals to one year. 


Goal-setting is an integral part of every successful person’s life. However, if done haphazardly could lead to utter failure… and without proper understanding, you’ll keep repeating this cycle of frustration. 


In this 2-hour FREE masterclass, I want to show you a blueprint that will help you set realistic goals with realistic timelines along with realistic strategies to crush each of those goals.

You have the choice now to repeat that cycle of frustration and hurt because you failed to understand what goal-setting is about or join this FREE goal-setting masterclass and learn how to properly set goals and hit them.


Which one would it be?

"I have been so sad looking at all my goals year in year out and having nothing to show for it. Yesterday, the electric Temi shocked the ignorance out of my head.
I learned that I can outgrow my motivation. So I should not settle. I should have very lofty motivations, crush them and keep setting new motivations.
I learnt that I should have a goal for each aspect of my life wheel balancing scorecard. That each part of that wheel is important. I learnt that I should focus on tasks within my control.
I learnt that Temi is a passionate soul, that she has evolved. I also learnt never to judge anyone by how they were years ago because people evolve.
I had many bursts of laughter, I enjoyed every single second invested with Temi at the goal setting session. I am so glad I have finally experienced Temi in 2021.
She is an amazing executor. She has paid her dues. Gosh, she has invested so much in herself and I am grateful that I had the privilege of joining her program this year."
Ikalone Udo

26TH DECEMBER, 2022.


What Will You Learn At The Goal-Setting Masterclass?

A lot of people think they know how to set goals – take a pen and a paper and write a couple of wishes down.

Far from it!

Here are the Critical topics in the goal-setting masterclass that we’ll examine:

As you can see, this is for you if you want to start doing things differently.

See What Past Participants Have To Say...

26TH DECEMBER, 2022.


Meet the host

Coach Temi Ajibewa

Temi Ajibewa is a certified Results Coach, transformational speaker, business mogul, performance strategist, thought leader, and tech enthusiast. Through her work, she has impacted hundreds of thousands of visionaries in becoming a better version of themselves. She’s well known for her electrifying and elevating spirit, hence she’s accorded the name “Electric Temi” by many of her students and followers.

She is most passionate about bringing transformation into people’s lives – helping people grow and become better people. Through her coaching programs, she has helped thousands of coaches around the world.

In this 2-hour intensive masterclass, she will be delivering life-transforming content as a seasoned life and results coach, leveraging on her extraordinary gifts of clarity, execution and speed.

You don’t want to miss it.

"Have you ever had someone who felt like a breath of fresh air? That is how Temi Ajibewa is. She brings with her a unique and electrifying load of energy in everything she does. As long as this dynamic phase of world revolution is concerned, she is definitely the next titan to watch out for!"
Niyi Adesanya
Performance and Leadership Strategist


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Our Former Participants Had These To Say 👇🏾

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26TH DECEMBER, 2022.


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