If you are not relevant in today’s world, you may soon fizzle out.

The question on your lips now may be, “how can I become relevant?”

That’s a good question and there is only one way to become relevant.

The single solution to becoming relevant globally is by becoming first, a valuable person. This has nothing to do with your age, status, degrees or connections. The most important requirement for relevance is that you must first of all, become a valuable person.

There are however, myriads of ways you can display your values to be globally relevant. One of which is by building your brand. Simply put: Building your personal brand.

What Is A Personal Brand?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you must have heard me say that you are a personal brand and to remain relevant, you simply have to build it.

Your personal brand is the unique combinations of skills, experience and personality that you want the world to see in you.

It is the telling of your story and how it reflects through your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, attitudes and results. At this point, you may want to protest, “oh my story is messy”, “there is nothing interesting about my story”,…

Come on! Your story is not the problem, it is how you are telling your story that is the problem. When you tell your story in empowering ways, people will feel empowered; when you tell it in a helpless way, you will feel helpless.

Your personal brand is the embodiment of your skills, experience and how you want the world to see you and hear you.

That is powerful!

Personal Branding allows you to develop a unique professional identity and coherent message that sets you apart from others either in your company or in your industry.

Personal Branding allows you to be yourself. You are not trying to be everything to everyone; you are only coming into resonance with yourself and say: “This is who I am,” and then you own it; your strength, expertise, passion, talent, your skills, your experience… combine all these things to develop a unique identity for yourself.

Why do you need to brand yourself?

Have you met yourself? You have the ability to influence other people around you. You have at least one follower on instagram; you have at least one friend on Facebook, you have the ability to influence people. Personal Branding allows you to grow that influence.

Below is a quick list of some of the benefits of Personal Branding.

Now, you know you are a personal brand and you only need to build it. What is special about you to build a brand around and where exactly do you start form?

I’ll share the answers to these questions in my next post. But first, leave a comment below, will you begin your journey to building a personal brand now?

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  1. This post came very timely.I will love to build my own personal brand and become a great influence to my world. I will appreciate all the help i can get.

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