If you know anything about Nigerian entertainment, you’ve probably heard about Funke Akindele and Tuface Idibia
Let me say a bit about both of them and how they can inspire you to build a personal brand.

Funke has built a personal brand around a comedy character called Jenifa. She used her God-given talent to rise through her career as an actor and now, she has a viable brand.

Tuface is a musician, but to call him that would be understating the fact. He has gone beyond music and is now engaged in so many ambassadorial activities where he gets paid millions to promote causes he believes in.

This did not happen just because they are talented. The truth is, they went beyond the talent to build their personal brands. So many other people in various industries have done the same

From Leke Alder, a consultant to Chef Fregz, a private chef. These people have created an experience around their personal brands which separates them from others who do what they do.

Chef Fregz moved from just being passionate to becoming highly skilled in cooking. Leke Alder went from just being passionate about the subject of branding to becoming an expert at it. Beyond expertise, they consciously built a personal brand.

Ever heard of Linda Ikeji? Linda owns a blog and has built her personal brand in the most fascinating way. How? By selling rumours! Her name now has equity; her name now carries weight because she has built the brand – Linda Ikeji. You can build a brand on anything as long as you enjoy doing it. In my next post, I will share with you 7 options for building your personal brand.

Examples abound everywhere. From Deola Sagoe who sells and sews with African prints to TY Bello who is a photographer and singer.

If they could do it, you can too.

Let’s go abroad for a moment.

Do you know Barrack Obama? Barrack started from the bottom, and worked his way to the White House when it seemed almost impossible and he became America’s 44th President and the 1st black President of America.

He did not stop there. He built his personal brand even beyond presidency. The slogan –YES WE CAN is literally synonymous with his name.

Speaking of Presidents, do you know Fela Durotoye? FD as he is popularly called built his personal brand as a foremost leadership consultant, so much that he aspired to become Nigeria’s president. Think about that!

Of course, you already know the very delectable Temi Ajibewa who you are reading from right now. You know about me, my energy, execution spirit and the heat I bring to my programs and classes which earned me The Electric Temi.

I built a personal brand around my expertise and you can too.

Looking at these people, are you tempted to say they were ‘just lucky’? Luck has nothing to do with it. They all started from somewhere. I am only showing you what is possible for you when you decide to build your personal brand.

Who else can build a Personal Brand?

Ever heard the name, Ben Carson? A medical doctor who has authored books! He refused to be limited by the principles and narratives of his job. He went for more and today, he is globally recognized, not just as a doctor but an inspiring role model.

From photographers to caterers, graphic designers, lawyers, writers, politicians, pastors, traders… Anybody can build a Personal Brand so why not you? Stop hiding. You are more loaded than you think you are.

The only thing that should stop you from building your personal brand to the point of earning millions of Naira, helping people’s lives and impacting them is that you are no more breathing. As long as you are alive, in fact in the moment that you’re reading this blog post, all that’s required to begin is inside you.

In my next post, I will be leading you by the hand to show you 6 ways you can build a strong, multi-million personal brand, even if nobody knows you.

Kindly drop a comment below to share what you have learnt from this post. I look forward to reading from you.

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