Read this only if you want to make consistent income from your coaching business...

Would You Like Me To Hand You A Million Dollar Coaching Business Blueprint…
For Free?

From the Desk of Temi Ajibewa
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear friend,

I would like to share a multi-million dollar coaching business blueprint with you for free. It’s the exact system I used to grow my coaching business from $20 per client fee business to $20k per client fee within 3 years.

And if you’re up for it…

Here’s what I want you to do just before this masterplan is delivered to you:

– I want you to write down how much you wish to make from now till the 31st of December, how many clients you want to work with and how much you intend to make from them (no need to be specific. You are allowed to be as vague as you can…just put something down.

– After that, I want you to set it aside and carefully read this letter.

If you would like to start your own online coaching business, exponentially double your income and create a massive impact in the shortest time possible, this would be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

I’m looking for coaches, consultants or course creators who I can help bring in an unending flow of good money within the next 12 months through online coaching but the good news is…

You pay absolutely NOTHING!

The first thing I’m going to do for you is privately work one-on-one with you to create a strategic plan to bring in a massive windfall–say $21,000 within the next 6-12 months of your business.

This initial strategy planning session will be done over the phone and will last for about 30-60 minutes.

Once we get on the phone, I’m going to help you pinpoint what you want to achieve within the next 12 months. I’ll personally help you come up with a concrete plan for this.

And I’ll also help you come up with an irresistible offer, perfect for your market niche that’ll help you close your first paying clients within the next 30 days.

I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. Trained over 100 successful coaches and launched tens of programs…so without a doubt, you can tell coming up with fool-proof systems like this feels as easy as breathing to me.

After crafting this winning offer for you…

I’ll show you where to look and how to find your ideal clients… and also show you how to have them in your nest without doing all the extra works.

Then, I will also help you discard all the unnecessary overwhelming information you must have gathered about online coaching over the years and give you…

A proven, turn-key, step-by-step system for starting a cash-pulling coaching business…

With what you know already – no need for any extra degree or certification.

And it gets better…

You’re going to pay nothing out of pocket for this… It’s 100% free.

Immediately after our call, one of these three things will happen: 

1) You take all I’ll show you (the entire blueprint including the audience discovery, core framework creation, positioning, monetisation and more) and do all the hard work by yourself.

Trust me, you will do exceptionally well and I’d be glad to hear your testimonies. 

2) You can choose to bring me in to guide and help you do all the heavy liftings. I’ll work with you one-on-one to help you get clear on your vision, find the perfect audience market, draft the best client attraction and retention system for you, create your coaching framework, nail your content marketing strategy, knowledge monetization models, impact building blueprints, and so on.

I’ll basically hold you by the hand and show you how to launch and scale your own online coaching business, how to move from a regular ‘scared-to-charge’ beginner to a high-ticket expert in the shortest time humanly possible and how you can create massive impact in your niche market.

I’ve done this my entire career and I’ve gotten pretty damn good at this. That’s why my clients call me: the Coach of coaches.


3) On a very rare occasion where we finish this strategy call, and you feel I’ve wasted your time… I’m going to send you $1,000 (this is about N480,000 at today’s exchange rate) plus an apology note for wasting your time. I don’t joke with my time… and I don’t think you should too.

So the worst thing that can happen here is you end up with a free $1,000 and a proven coaching blueprint for ‘wasting’ 90 mins of your life.

And best-case scenario is you end up with a solid turn-key coaching blueprint and most importantly, we get to work together for the next couple of months to help you achieve your goals. This is obviously…

A win/win situation for you.

Now you’re probably thinking: What’s the catch with all of these?… 


I’m no Santa Claus but I think some of the best advice I’ve gotten in my life is “do to others what you’ll have them do unto you.” 

I really don’t know about you but I know what it feels like to start on your own with little to no help at all… I’ve been there before, which is why I’m making it a life mission to help as many people as my time can allow me.

On the other hand, this is also how I get to work with super qualified clients. YES! I’m in business too.

You see, in a case where I end up inviting you to be my VIP client, you only have to pay me $10,000 or $2,000 per quarter to join my group coaching program… which is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you’re going to make from this.

In fact, right in the middle of the initial call, I’ll show you exactly how to close your first paying client within your first 30 days and how to make $21,000 between now and the next 6 – 12 months.

By the time we are done, you should have a concrete plan of how to start your own multi-million naira coaching business from scratch.

And look… if you choose not to come in as a client. That’s fine. I promise you’ll never hear from me again if you don’t want to or get any of those persuasive sales pitches from me. NEVER.

Plus, you also keep the plan…it’s yours forever.

To further sweeten this deal for you…

My Ironclad guarantee of $1,000 as compensation for your time still stands.

This is something you’ll never find anywhere else on the internet.

Nobody is brave enough to make such claims… cos, they just can’t.

I’m able to make these claims because I’ve done it over and over again.

In the past 5 years, I’ve generated over N500,000,000.00 for myself and my clients and I’ve successfully worked with literally every industry leader you could think of including Bankole Williams (CEO and Founder, Live Your Dreams Africa), Stephanie Obi (9-figure Business Coach), Nollywood Actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Niyi Adesanya (Top Leadership Expert in Africa) and a host of other industry heads.

And this is no attempt to brag or feel good about what I’ve achieved! No!

I know what it feels like to come from absolutely nothing.

I know what it feels like to have a passion that keeps you up all night but nothing to show for it financially.

I remember hosting my first coaching program via WhatsApp and how hard it was to get people to sign up even after showing them what I had to offer.

But now, everything is different.

My little coaching business has grown from hosting regular WhatsApp classes to running programs that go $20,000 upwards in just 5 years.

I have travelled out of the country for international conferences that cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve held masterclasses in 2 different countries out of my home country Nigeria.

This is why I believe with no iota of doubt that if you follow what I’m going to show you, you will be way ahead of the game.

But hear me out…

This one-time offer isn't open to everyone

You already know I’m going to get a truckload of responses from this letter including those of time vampires. So I’ve got a few criteria to keep them away.


To qualify for this…


  • You must have a laid down business goal:

Like I said, it doesn’t need to be specific. Just something to look upon and know how far you’ve gone (if you haven’t written anything down yet, that’s fine too. We can draft one during our call).


  • You have to have some money set aside for your business:

Look… you don’t need to have millions stacked away for this… just enough money to give you a headstart and pay for my services…that’s all.


  • You must be a person of integrity:

If we are going to work together, it means I’m going to put my reputation on the line and you’re also going to get a lot of exposure from it… so it’s super important that you’re someone of great value and integrity…and you must commit to this for the long term – not for get-rich-quick purposes.


Coaching is not a safe haven for con-men or people with a get-rich-quick scheme mindset. It is a transformational business.


  • You must be teachable and willing to follow directions:

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to do anything crazy or boss you around. You just need to be someone who’s willing to unlearn the myths and lies you must have gathered over the years, relearn and follow proven directions.


After all, you following my instruction means more money for you and more peace of mind for me, right?


That’s all.


If you met all these requirements, Congrats…

Here’s what I want you to do next:

→ You have to follow the link at the bottom of this message to fill-out a short application. Nothing much though… just enough basic information to help me come up with the perfect game plan for you during our call.


I’m also going to ask you to make a “real person” commitment fee of $50 (N30,000) only.


Now calm down, I could care less about your $50 / N30,000 (and I think you know this).


It’s just a tool to keep the time wasters away.


By the end of the call, if you make the request, I’ll quickly refund your payment… unless you decide to come in as a client. Then I’ll apply it to your balance… and remember, my iron-clad guarantee still holds.

In whichever way you go, YOU STILL WIN.

After I confirm your deposit… Here what happens next:


You’ll get a short email confirming your payment and the time for our 30 – 60 mins strategy call.


This is where I will painstakingly go over your goals, discover what you intend to achieve and come up with the best and fastest plan to help you achieve that.


If you like what you see and decide to come in as a client, awesome! We can talk about that.


Trust me, this is going to be the best decision you’ll ever make about your coaching career.


If you also decide to do it all on your own, no big deal, with no future intention to work with me, I’ll quickly return your deposit. No questions asked.


And on the rare occasion that you think the call was a total waste of time, simply let me know and I’ll send you $1,000 and an apology note immediately…




This offer is highly limited because of the amount of one-on-one time needed to get you the best results.


In fact, I have only 5 slots for this offer this month and nothing more! Because I like to give 100% to my clients.


These 5 lucky clients will get my unprecedented attention and anything more than these 5 slots can’t simply work for me, I’m sorry.


That said, this offer could be gone before you know it. 


If you feel like this is the one opportunity you’ve been waiting for, CLICK HERE to leave your short application and let’s talk.


Talk soon,


Coach Temi Ajibewa
(The Electric Temi)