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Why You Need To Read This…


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Millionaire Blueprint

Following your passion can be pretty amazing when you know what you are doing or when it is paying your bills. But in a situation where what your heart is panting after is not bringing income, frustration is bound to set in. Especially when you are forced to be on a job you hate in order to keep body and soul together. I call this being passionately broke.

This was why I wrote this book – to show you how to bridge the gap between being passionate about something to actually making a living from it.

I believe that your talents are your pocket money from heaven but you need to activate them by following some steps. I have outlined those steps in this book.


– Temi Ajibewa.[/text_block]

Get Your Free Copy NowCover The Shipping Cost Of $7 / N2,499 only

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I have not been able to sleep!

I read chapters 4 and 5 of this book, and BOOM! I could identify my core purpose.

Thanks Coach Temi, for giving and pouring yourself into this book.

It’s a must read for everyone who needs clarity on who they are and how to monetise that.

Precious Kanayo

Precious Kanayo
Marriage Coach

How To Make Millions Doing What You Love” blew me away! It is so relatable and very easy to comprehend. The book’s title did not prepare me for the rich content of the book. I got so much clarity, a high level of awareness and a mindset change.

If you really want to make money, create impact and influence with what you are passionate about, you should get this book.

Omotola Babajide

Omotola Babajide
Academic Enthusiast

Before I read this book, I had interest in so many things and I was doing many things but getting little results. 

After I read it, I gained a lot of clarity and it helped me find focus. I discovered my passion and how to channel my energy towards it.  It was a wonderful discovery for me. 

I have been producing more results since I found focus.

If you want to find focus, gain clarity about your passion and how to monetize it, get this book.

Lawuro Sekani

Lawuro Sekani
Peak Performance Coach

I read ‘How to make millions doing what you love,’ when I was at a crossroads about what I really wanted to be doing for money. 

The book made a significant impact on my thought processes, helping me to think carefully about my strengths and how they could be monetised. 

I have since gone ahead to start a business doing what I love — editing and proofreading.

Lola Ayangbayi

Lola Ayangbayi

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