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Brand New Book From Temi Ajibewa


“How To Make Millions Doing What You Love”


The exact steps you need to take to make real money doing what you are passionate about!




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I’m sure that at some point in your life, you have had the thoughts, “Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What is my passion? Where do I go from here?” These are some of the most common questions that people ask and struggle with.

Once you start looking for what you were meant to do, it’s easy to get caught up in the search. Unfortunately, continually asking yourself “What am I passionate about?” usually has very little benefit because you cannot find your passion simply by searching the depths of your mind. Passions come from actions and experiences — not idle contemplation.

Passion, sometimes may be subtle and therefore, very easy to miss. In fact, for many people, their purpose and passion will be staring at them in the face but because they don’t have bells and whistles on them, they may not have noticed!

And that’s exactly why I wrote this book…

How long will you stay here on earth? I don’t know but I know that if you want to make your existence enjoyable and also leave a mark on the sands of time, you need to be living your purpose and also engaging your passions.

Passions evolve out of experiences.

Would you expect yourself to fall in love with an artist before ever hearing their music? Of course not. How can you be passionate about business coaching if you’ve never done it or even engaged in any form of business? Or at the very least seen someone do it.

The feeling of passion usually comes after you’ve had an experience, not before. Knowing that life is short, it’s best to have as many experiences as possible.

Three years ago, when I had my first son, I began to look for ways to make ends meet and support my husband especially now that responsibility had increased. Fortunately for me, I discovered a business I could do from the comfort of my home. After a few sales, I began to teach other women how to make money doing the same business. That was the beginning of my journey to finding my passion.

I discovered that I enjoyed teaching people about business and after each class I held, there was this sense of fulfillment that fills me.

I can confidently say that teaching and coaching is my passion.[/text_block]


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Here is what you will learn in each chapter of the book…..


CHAPTER 1: The Journey to Passion

CHAPTER 2: Discovering Your Passion

CHAPTER 3: Multi Passions – A Blessing or a Bane?

CHAPTER 4: Aligning Your Passion with Your Purpose

CHAPTER  5: Finding Your Core Purpose

CHAPTER 6: From Passion to Success

CHAPTER 7: How to Create Impact Doing What You Love

CHAPTER 8: How to Create Influence Doing What You Love.

CHAPTER 9: How to Create Affluence Doing What You Love.

CHAPTER 10: The 5-step Formula to Monetize Your Passion

CHAPTER 11: If or When to Quit Your Job as a Passionpreneur


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Why You Need To Read This…

The Millionaire Blueprint​

Following your passion can be pretty amazing when you know what you are doing or when it is paying your bills. But in a situation where what your heart is panting after is not bringing income, frustration is bound to set in. Especially when you are forced to be on a job you hate in order to keep body and soul together. I call this being passionately broke.

This was why I wrote this book – to show you how to bridge the gap between being passionate about something to actually making a living from it.

I believe that your talents are your pocket money from heaven but you need to activate them by following some steps. I have outlined those steps in this book.

– Temi Ajibewa.[/text_block]

See What Others Are Saying About This Book

“How To Make Millions Doing What You Love” blew me away! It is so relatable and very easy to comprehend. The book’s title did not prepare me for the rich content of the book. I got so much clarity, a high level of awareness and a mindset change. If you really want to make money, create impact and influence with what you are passionate about, you should get this book.

Omotola Babajide

Omotola Babajide

Before I read this book, I had interest in so many things and I was doing many things but getting little results.

After I read it, I gained a lot of clarity and it helped me find focus. I discovered my passion and how to channel my energy towards it. It was a wonderful discovery for me.

I have been producing more results since I found focus.

If you want to find focus, gain clarity about your passion and how to monetize it, get this book.

Lawuro Sekani

Lawuro Sekani
Peak Performance Coach

I have not been able to sleep! I read chapters 4 and 5 of this book, and BOOM! I could identify my core purpose. Thanks Coach Temi, for giving and pouring yourself into this book. It’s a must read for everyone who needs clarity on who they are and how to monetise that.

Precious Kanayo

Precious Kanayo
Marriage Coach

I read “How to make millions doing what you love” when I was at a crossroads about what I really wanted to be doing for money.
The book made a significant impact on my thought processes, helping me to think carefully about my strengths and how they could be monetised.

I have since gone ahead to start a business doing what I love — editing and proofreading.

Lola Ayangbayi

Lola Ayangbayi

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Temi Ajibewa, AKA The Electric Temi is a Certified Business and Results coach focused on helping savvy and passionate individuals discover and maximize their potentials so that they can create impact, influence and affluence doing what they love.

Temi is the founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy, an online school that is poised to provide the training and mentoring women need to launch and run successful home-based businesses.

She is also the founder of The Ladies In Business Club, an online membership community that provides women who want to grow a wildly successful businesses while living a fulfilled life, with expert training, mentoring, accountability and support.

She has been featured on national daily, TV & Radio stations and international platforms to share on how upwardly mobile individuals can start and build not only profitable but fulfilling businesses.[/text_block]



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See What Known Authorities Are Saying About Temi

Temi Ajibewa is the Definition of Fresh Air. Her ability to inspire people to take action that will move them from where they are to where they want to be is exceptional. All my students who have gone through Temi’s program always have amazing testimony to share. I recommend Temi Ajibewa for result-coaching any day or time. She is exceptional!

Stephen Akintayo

Stephen Akintayo
CEO, GText Group of Company

Temi does the impossible with the available and makes what’s common extraordinary. I have observed her over the years and I can boldly say she is one of the best you’d ever have to relate with when it comes to practical tips to solving people’s problems. She comes highly recommended.

Praise Fowowe

Praise Fowowe

Temi is a passionate, hardworking and optimistic young lady who goes beyond the perceived impossible to achieve extraordinary results. Her goal oriented, ‘never-say-die’ attitude keeps her admirable and anyone who works with her will be sure to smash their goals.

Bankole William

Bankole William
Founder, LYD Africa



GET THE E-BOOKDownload Immediately Into Your Gadget



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