Which do you prefer?

Playing a puzzle with your life, trying to figure out everything on your own and getting lost while at it?


Attracting someone that will hold your hand and take you from where you are to where you want to be easily?

Since you are on this page, I think you will prefer the later so stay with me…

Hi, my name is Temi Ajibewa and I can bet that whoever it is you admire right now was mentored by someone and that someone was mentored by someone who was mentored by someone. lol

What makes me so sure?

Well, I have realised that not only is there a connection between mentorship and success, but the ancillary of having someone to lean on professionally is equally accelerating and fulfilling.

Being a mentor myself, I see a lot of young people struggle to get the attention of the men and women they would like to help them on their success journey, just the same way I struggled at first before I ‘received sense.’

This is why I took on the assignment to help every millennial out there to shorten their journey by writing the book – A Millennial’s Guide to Mentoring: How to maximise your results as a 21st century entrepreneur –  to bridge the gap between what you think mentoring is and what it actually is, to teach you in a very practical way, how to attract the kind of mentoring you need and most importantly, to show you how to maximise the existing mentoring relationships in your life.

Plus I didn’t do the work alone. I actually got 15 of my friends and mentors to contribute to the book so you can have a very wide spectrum to learn from.

In 2008, statistics show that a whopping 70-88% of individuals and corporations that undergo mentoring were highly successful than those who didn’t.

Most people seek out to be mentored but have no clue on the pathway to winning and retaining a mentor’s heart or commitment. Therefore, they lose the opportunity to access the mentors’ wealth of experience and technical know-how.

It is obvious that some mentees have no clue on the right kind of questions to ask or information to seek. Because of this, privileges are abused, commitment of mentors are lost and many other daring disappointments.

But with the ‘Millennial’s Guide to Mentoring’, you can be sure to have things in better perspective once you follow the guidelines in the book and watch as every other thing becomes a beautiful piece of classical music.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t your life be easier if you could get your desired mentor to hold your hands and take you from where you are to where you want to be?

Aren’t you thinking of that right now?

Just imagine how your mind and income will be impacted when you go through this process successfully.

You like it, right?

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