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Start Your Online Business


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Learn The Building Blocks Required To Kick-Start Your Online Business


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Are You Thinking…


  • What really is the essence of life if one can’t afford the basic necessities?


  • How long will you continue to be broke and depend on family and friends to meet your financial needs?

  • Why is it so easy for some people to make millions from the comfort of their homes when you don’t even have an idea what you can do to make a kobo?

  • You heard Temi Ajibewa started her business with just N10,000 and grew it into over a million naira cumulatively in 4 months. How did she?!

  • What do you really need to know to be able to achieve this kind of success? What can you do to make money online?!

  • You are not techy nor social media savvy and this whole online thing overwhelms you but you are interested in making money online, how will you cope?

  • So many people are doing what you want to do already online. You feel the market is saturated and you are wondering how you can stand out enough to make a living from it?

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Wonder no more because the days of your complaints and being broke are soon to be over.[/text_block]

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As I present to you…


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”20″ font_font=”Georgia” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23000000″]Really, the nitty-gritty of all that you need to know about starting or growing your business online is a just a click away.

So click the JOIN NOW button to register for the Start Your Online Business telegram class where I will be demystifying the myths you have always had about online business FOR ALMOST FREE.

Should you not know, the last time I held this kind of class in 2017, I was N10,500 so I need not tell you how heavily discounted this is.

It’s actually because of the several feedback I’ve been getting from those who want to learn from me but cannot afford my fees.

You know I give tons of value already in my emails and posts but in this class, I will be revealing so much more.


SIGN UP NOW so you don’t miss out on the FREE gift I’m giving to those who register before 6pm Monday, 1st of April.

The gift is my ebook ‘How To Sell On Facebook Without Facebook Ads’.


Registration closes on Friday 5th of April.



  • q-iconWhen and Where is the class holding?

    Class holds on Sunday, 7th of April, 2019 by 5pm.

    It’s holding online via a mobile app known as Telegram. Telegram functions similar to WhatsApp but it’s way better. The class will be holding in a Telegram group.

    While registration closes on Friday 5th of April, 2019.

  • q-iconWhat do I do after I pay?

    After payment, send a screenshot of your payment to 08039406091 on telegram. This means you have to have downloaded the app, in case you don’t have it and also save our number so you can see us there.

  • q-iconCan I share this training with my friends?

    Absolutely! Please do. Kindly ask them to visit www.temiajibewa.com/links to register. In fact, you can sponsor as many people as you can. Thank you.

  • q-iconWho is this class for?

    This class is tailored for those who are struggling with what kind of online business to go into or how to get customers online so they can make real money online.

  • q-iconDoes your offer include network marketing

    No, my offer does not include any network marketing business. Kindly check the flier for the outline that will be considered in the course of training.

  • q-iconI don’t have a Naira account, how else can I pay?

    You can pay in dollars via Paypal. Kindly send $9 to paytemiashabiglobal@gmail.com then send a Telegram message to +2348039406091 with your proof of payment.

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Meet The Facilitator

My name is Temi Ajibewa. I am an Author, Speaker and the Founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy, Nigeria’s foremost EduTech enterprise designed to help women who are just housewives to launch and grow highly profitable online businesses so that they can become phenomenal housewives.⠀

I am a Certified Business and Results Coach, who has built several successful online businesses, beginning from a home business I started with just N10,000 while nursing my first son in 2014 and grew it to over a million Naira cumulatively in 4 months .⠀

I have helped several women become millionaires as well through the online training and resources I provide in the academy.

I am passionate about helping women because I believe that an empowered woman will raise strong and empowered children who will become empowered citizens of the world.⠀

I am here to help you become an empowered woman. Let’s connect.[/text_block]