How To Attract Paying Clients On Social Media Masterclass


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Watch this video to the end to get an amazing opportunity to work with me.


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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

– John Crosby


A Mentor is someone whose yesterday is your tomorrow.

– Temi Ajibewa



The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience is designed to help you launch your personal brand as a thought-leader, build your brand value and attract your ideal clients.[/text_block]


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Every Activity In The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience Is Done With A Focus To Help The Mentee To:



  • Gain Clarity on Your Brand Message.

  • Build a Strong Personal Brand

  • Increase Your Brand Value

  • Attract Potential Buyers

  • Convert Prospects to Actual Buyers


[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]In the past, the participants of the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience have gone ahead to launch their own personal brands and businesses and are steadily experiencing growth.

Here is what Uche and Chiamaka have to say after 30 days in the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience:






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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow exactly will the program run?

    The program runs as a 50 DAYS VISIBILITY CHALLENGE in a closed Facebook group where you will get daily lessons and tasks to execute. 

    You will also get feedback on ALL your activities in the group from me and my team of mentors.

    You can ask us any question pertaining to the exercises right in the group and it will be answered.

  • q-iconWhat exactly is the whole idea of TAME?

    The idea is to provide you with the right strategies and mentoring you need to launch your personal brand visibility ONLINE.

    During the program, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks I have employed in my career as a successful online business coach.

  • q-iconIs this mentoring only for women in Nigeria?

    No, not at all. T.A.M.E is open to every upwardly mobile person who seeks direction on how to scale their personal brand online.

    It is a community with no geographical boundary because the principles Coach Temi shares are applicable globally.

  • q-iconWhat makes T.A.M.E different from other courses and programs out there?

    First, T.AM.E is not another course or even another membership group. It is so much more and yet, LESS.

    One thing you can be sure of is that this is not where you get more and more information because we know you have enough of that already.

    What you get here is ACCESS and STRATEGY to know what exactly to EXECUTE per time.

  • q-iconHow exactly does the mentoring program work?

    The mentoring holds in a Facebook group for 50 days, with daily tasks that is designed to help you get popular online. Coach Temi would be giving feedback on the tasks and answering ALL your questions in the group.

    Occasionally, we would hold live meetings so we can network qualitatively offline but the majority of our interactions will be in the Facebook group.

  • q-iconCan I join at anytime?

    Absolutely! However, we have a limited number of people we can take in per time. Once we reach our limit, you will be required to join the waiting list against the next admission.

  • q-iconWill I be able to send Coach Temi personal messages when I need help?

    No, if you want such personal access, The Inner Circle Program is your better choice. Get the full details at


  • q-iconWill Coach Temi be teaching me how to start an online business?

    No. This program is for those who want to build a profitable personal brand and want me to mentor them based on my expertise as a business and results coach. For online business training, kindly visit


  • q-iconI can’t enrol for this program now, when would the next admission be?

    Currently, we admit people only twice a year. Once this set is full, you will have to join the waiting list for the next set.


  • q-iconIs this program money-back guaranteed?

    Absolutely. If at the end of this program you do not think you have gotten value for your money, you can request for a refund with evidence that you indeed put in the work and got no results.

  • q-iconWill Coach Temi be teaching us how to become a coach?

    No, the purpose of the mentoring program is to help you build visibility as a personal brand especially if you want to build a business around your skills, expertise, passion and experience.

    If you would like to become certified as a business coach in our Win or Win Academy, send a mail to



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