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I’m Temi Ajibewa, the world’s most authentic and passionate Personal Branding Strategist and Coach for leaders like you. A lot of those who know me and love me call me #TheElectricTemi

As a Personal Branding Expert, I coach and consult on personal branding and knowledge monetisation via digital products and sales funnels for my clients.

As the Coach of coaches, I help savvy and passionate coaches to build a highly-profitable, high-impact and well-structured coaching business around their passion, expertise, skills and experience.

This Bootcamp is sponsored by one of my signature programs – The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience.

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Our Coaching Team

Hi everyone!

My name is Dami Oguntade, and I am an identity coach. My purpose is to help people find their voices, unlock their full potential, and showcase their greatness to the world. As a member of the Win Or Win Academy Coaching Team, it brings me great joy to be here with all of you on this journey of transformation and growth.
Today, I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you. You are about to embark on the best time of your life at the Shift To Bigger Challenge, and I can confidently say that you are in for a truly impactful experience because Coach Temi is the best at what she does. Get ready to reconnect with your sense of purpose, tap into your inner power, unlock your limitless potential and also be able to Impact the world with it. 
Once again, a very warm welcome to you.

Coach Dami Oguntade

Hi everyone!

I’m Shirley Hills

Coach Shirley Hills



21 Days Women's Transformation Challenge

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