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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]For everyone that buys ONLINE COURSE SOLD OUT for $150 / N54,000 with your REFERRAL LINK, you will get 20% commission.

To be clear, that is N10,800 per person you refer! 

This means by the time you refer 5 people, you would have made your registration fee back plus more! Which means you got FREE ACCESS to Online Course Sold Out![/text_block]



  • Register as an AFFILIATE using any of the yellow buttons on this page and access our affiliate member area and access your affiliate link.
  • Promote the link to the sales page among your circle of influence. (Let them know you are an affiliate and that they should fill in your FULL name as their Referrer when placing their orders).
  • Track your conversion from the back end. (There is a tutorial that shows you how this is done on the registration page).
  • Get paid by us. We will do all reconciliation between 25th and 30th of every month. Tip: You can offer them something extra as an incentive for buying through you. This way, you are able to convert better.
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Note: There will be a WhatsApp Group for all Affiliates for easy communication and transparency.

Yes, it’s that simple!


But that’s not all!

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]This means apart from the commission you will be making on each person you refer, when you are able to refer 10 people or more, you will belong to our TOP AFFILIATES RANK and get a mouth-watering cash gift:

50 and above referrals = N250,000 cash

30 – 49 referrals = N150,000 cash

20 – 29 referrals = N100,000 cash

10 – 19 referrals = N50,000 cash

+ An Exclusive, All-Expenses-Paid Lunch with me!


So let’s say you are able to refer 22 people, you will make N10,800 x 22 = N237,600 as commissions PLUS N100,000 in Cash Prize! That’s over N300,000 in your pocket just by spreading the word about what could actually change the lives of those around you!


Valid Question: What if you are able to refer 50 people? That is N540,000 in commissions plus N250,000 in cash prize!!![/text_block]

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  • q-iconAm I paying to be an Affiliate?

    No, you are not. You are not paying anything extra to be an affiliate.

    But we recommend that you sign up for the course yourself because we believe everyone has a lot to learn from this course and it is only fair that you partake of what you are asking others to partake of, right?


    The course is $150 / N54,000 only so by the time you have referred 5 people to the program, you would have made enough to register for the course yourself.


    Isn’t that amazing?! 😉 

  • q-iconHow will you know when someone registers through me?

    From our end, we have a very accurate and trusted system that captures the link through which someone arrives on the sales page. At the back end, you will be able to track how many clicks you got and how many ended up in sales.

    When placing their orders, we also ask the subscriber to include the full name of their referrer in the order form. That way, we can even track more accurately who is coming from who (just in case our ‘very accurate and trusted system’ decides to go on break. Lol.

    At your own end, I suggest you let people know you are an affiliate and encourage them to fill in your full name in the slot provided on the order form. You can also give them an incentive to encourage them to buy through you.

  • q-iconI’m ready to become an Affiliate, what do I do?

    Fabulous! Kindly click on the button below to register to join us and your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. If you are approved, you will receive login details you can access your affiliate member area with, watch the short tutorial on the registration page so you can understand how to navigate things well as you make money with me on a MONTHLY BASIS!

  • q-iconWhat if I need my money paid before the end of the month?

    Oh that is understandable. Simply make your request, your commission will be calculated and paid to you within 48 hours. We only request for month end so all transactions will be properly completed from our bank and accounted for.

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