Dear Entrepreneur, 

The world as we knew it (Pre-covid) is never coming back. Jobs have been lost and once lucrative businesses (like events management), are now in a quandary. No one knows how long this is going to last but while we hope and pray, you and I can do something about it by leveraging on what is possible, proven and thriving right now - Online Businesses!

Now is the time to get the training that is guaranteed to provide you with the clarity and strategies you need to start, grow and profit from your online business.

And who better to take you on this journey than the Millionaire Housewife herself - Temi Ajibewa.

How I Moved From Being A Broke Housewife To Starting An Online Business That Generated 2.3 Million Naira In 3 Weeks!

In 2015, when I started my first online business - MTN Data Sharing, it was a big deal then because a lot of people needed to surf the internet but were limited by expensive data prices.

Seeing this market opportunity back then, I reached out to someone who I begged to teach me the trade, only to get my hopes dash to the wall - He said NO!

I was hurt, felt really bad because back then, I was just a housewife, who was broke but wanted to support her family. 

After being crushed by this young man who refused to teach me the business of making money through MTN Data sharing, I decide to use the other gateway for information - GOOGLE!

I began to do my research on how I could do this business and not too long afterwards I got the needed answer.

Off I went without doing my due diligence to understand  the business and how I could maximize my profit margin with little capital.


To cut the long story short, I Failed! I lost over ₦200,000!

Losing ₦200,000 was a big deal for me, especially when my start up capital was just ₦10,000.

I cried my eyes out but later on, I went to meet another person who showed me what I was doing wrong and how I could flip the coin and thanks to his mentoring, in a space of 4 months, I had cumulatively made over a million naira.

Later on, I got further training and learnt some new strategies which I decided to test, tweak, & try and I came up with the ULTIMATE strategy to move from being broke to being a millionaire in a matter of 3 weeks.

Today, I am grateful for the lessons life has taught me, both personally and in my business. These lessons have helped me build a 7 figure business in naira and I want to help you by sharing the lessons I learnt in starting, running and scaling up my Online Business and how you can leverage these lessons to build your own 7 figure business.

I have compiled the principles and lessons that have helped me in building a successful online business into The Ultimate Online Business Starter Bundle.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, I assure you, this bundle will help you start, scale up and maximize your profit margin.


With an online business (or by taking your business online), you would be able to literally 5x – 15x your current INCOME in no time if you stay focused and faithful to the process because I and my clients have been able to impact thousands of people and generate 7 figures every month, ONLINE.

Learn To Start, Run and Scale Up Your Your Online Business in 30 Days or Less

Discover the most profitable techniques to start your Online Business so you can command high-paying clients and 10x your results than before.


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The Online Business Starter Kit Contains 21 Video Tutorials that will get you started and lead you to success on this path you are about to thread. Consider it your mini-MBA program on online business strategies, structure and systems.

Online Business Starter Videos:

- How to start a 7 Figure online business from scratch (value $27)
- How To Create Compelling Offers That Sell. (value $49)

- 7 Juicy Online Businesses You Should Have (value $27)
- 10 Uncommon Online Businesses You Can Start (value $29)
- The 3 Surest Ways To Make Money Online (value $27)
- 3 Online Business Models You Need To Embrace Now (value $29)
- 9 Critical Ways To Build A Successful Home Business (value $29)

Online Business Growth Videos:

- 7 Things You Need To Know About Online Business If You Want To Have A Successful One. (value $29)
- The 3 Pillars Of Every Successful Online Business. (value $29)
- How to Grow Your Business On Social Media Even If You Have Zero Followers. (value $29)
- How To Grow Your Business With The Right Pricing Model. (value $29)
- How To Attract, Acquire and Retain High Paying Customers. (value $49)
- 3 Guaranteed Ways To Evolve Your Business This Year. (value $27)
- The Easiest Ways To Grow Your Business Online. (value $27)
- The Fastest Ways To Grow Your Business Online. (value $27)
- 3 Simple Steps To Grow Your Online Business. (value $27)
- 4 Ways You Can Use Your Mentors To Grow Your Business Online. (value $27)
- How To Use Your Competition To Grow Your Business. (value $29)
- How To Use Your Customers To Grow Your Business. (value $27)
- How To Use Your Family Members To Grow Your Business. (value $27)
- 5 Things You Can Do When Your Passion Is Not Paying Off. (value $29)

Total Value: $359/ ₦150,000

Birthday Discount: $23/ 10,000

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Some of Temi Ajibewa's Training

“Your videos are so real and practical. I am gradually putting things in place to establish myself in my niche. I did a radio interview on Women’s day, I had butterflies in my stomach but I did it afraid and within minutes, I felt calm and at home. So now, I’m starting a radio program…. Love you plenty plenty…."

Tayo O. E

I sincerely appreciate Coach Temi for the lessons and the value she has added to me these past few months. My business has taken a new turn. My profit margin has increased and my confidence is back. I now effortlessly make sales and I confidently state my price without having double mind knowing the values I am offering.

Joy Oluchi


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