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The thing is, success is a journey and it’s much easier to go with someone who has a map and has been there before than to go alone, struggling and frustrated at the end of the day.

You need mentors who would show you the way, those who would correct you and show you legit strategies to success. That’s what this book is about.

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I’ve gathered from the experience of different thought leaders and experts in different industries to talk about mentorship in this book.

You’ll learn:

I’ve gathered from the experience of different thought leaders and experts in different industries to talk about mentorship in this book.

You’ll learn:

CHAPTER 1: What is mentoring?

You will learn the proper meaning, genesis and the different types of mentoring. You’ll recieve different insights about mentoring from six thought leaders.

CHAPTER 2: Difference Between A Mentor And Other Similar Concepts.

As I tell the difference between a mentor and other similar concepts, I explained, with vivid and descriptive explanation and examples the exact difference between a mentor and some related similar concepts.

CHAPTER 3: A mentor, Not A Friend.

You will learn that to get the best out of a mentorship relationship, the you need to treat your mentor as what s(he) is – a Mentor. I share first-hand information on how I almost lost an important mentor because of “over-familiarity” and how you can avoid this trap.

CHAPTER 4: Must I Have A Mentor?

I did not just give 9 important reasons why you should have a mentor, but my friends will show you personally why being a mentee has contributed greatly to their life and business.

CHAPTER 5: Before You Choose A Mentor.

In this chapter you will learn what you need to do before you get a mentor and how to position yourself to be attracted by your prospective mentor.

CHAPTER 6: How To Choose The Right Mentor.

In this chapter, you will learn…
*How to get a mentor according to your goal
*How to approach your prospective mentor
*An introductory template you can use to get the attention of any prospective mentor attention.

CHAPTER 7: How To Maximize Your Mentoring Relationship.

One thing is to attract a mentor, another thing is to maximize the relationship. In this chapter, you will learn…
*The strategy you can use to study your mentor
*The tiny little secret that will make you valuable to your mentor
*Other important components you can use to maximize your mentorship relationship

CHAPTER 8: Managing Your Expectation As A Mentee.

In this section you will learn how to make sure you don’t destroy your relationship with your mentor due to your personal expectations. You will learn the pillars you can use to manage your expectations.

CHAPTER 9: Benefits Of A Mentor.

In this chapter you will learn…
*Being aware of your responsibilities as a mentee
*5 key benefits of being a mentor.

CHAPTER 10: The Dos And Don’ts Of Mentorship.

In this chapter, you will get 12 principles that will not just make you stand apart in the eyes of your mentors but these principles will make you become exceptional and valuable to your mentor(s).

CHAPTER 11: What Do You Do When Your Mentor Gets Sour?

In this chapter, you will learn…
*How I personally experienced a sexually abusive relationship and how you can avoid it.
*When you should break away from your mentorship relationship.
*And also, how to break away without sabotaging the relationship.

CHAPTER 12: FAQ on Mentorship

In this section you will learn and get hands on answers on frequently asked questions about mentorship.

If you’ve been looking for or praying to connect with a mentor, someone who would hold you by the hand and guide you through your profession and expertise, then this is an answer to your prayers.

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