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Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience (T.A.M.E)


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Strategy. Execution. Accountability. Guidance. Support. And a whole lot of electrifying moments to go along with it…


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Do You Want To:


  • Impact the lives of those around you but you sincerely wish you had someone of experience who you could access EASILY so you can ask her some heart-burning questions about your business?

  • Launch your personal brand, increase your brand value, convert your followers to paying customers and attract customers who will gladly pay you what you are worth without marketing everyday?

  • Influence your world by making your voice known, become visible as an industry expert, help others to attain their greatness while you make money but YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN?

Then This Is For You!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Hey Savvy and Passionate One!

I don’t believe you are here by accident.

I believe you have been following me for a while now and then decided to check out what my mentoring is about.

Perhaps you have gained so much from me already and you have finally decided to get closer to me and get properly mentored by me.

I am glad you have made the right choice and I am very happy to have you here.

I actually celebrate your determination to have finally decided to step out of the shadows. This is the first step to greatness and in no time, you will begin to see the results of this action.

You must have heard it over and over again that you need a mentor to be able to succeed faster in life, there is nothing truer than that.


There is one true fact that has always worked for me, and this is it: With access to the right information, the right support system and mentoring, you will soar.


This is the reason why I spend nothing less than Five Million Naira every year to get the right mentoring because I need the right mentoring to ensure that I consistently hit my monthly 7 figures target.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]This is the thought of the great John Crosby on mentoring:

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

– John Crosby


This is my personal definition of a mentor:

A Mentor is someone whose yesterday is your tomorrow.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]So can you see why I spend so much money to get the right mentoring and can you also see why you need the right mentoring to get the kind of result that you desire?

This is why I started the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience (T.A.M.E) to MENTOR people that desire my kind of result and also SHOW them the exact template that I use to get my outstanding results.

The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience is a 50 Day Cycle Mentoring Program that is aimed at REPLICATING my kind of results for the mentee’s business launch and growth.


Every Activity In The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience Is Done With A Focus To Help The Mentee To: 

  • Gain clarity on your brand message.

  • Build a strong personal brand

  • Increase your brand value

  • Attract potential buyers

  • Convert prospects to actual buyers


In the past, the participants of the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience have gone ahead to launch their own personal brands and businesses and are steadily experiencing growth.

Here is what Uche and Chiamaka have to say after 30 days in the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience:




[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]These kinds of results are possible because the time spent In the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience gets the mentee ready for the following:[/text_block]
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  1. To Develop Clarity And Strategy

As a certified Results & Business Coach, Coach Temi is well trained at analyzing complex situations and charting a course in difficult positions.

She will mentor you on how you can break down complex matters by asking pertinent questions that will leave you with a sense of direction so that you will not only know what to do, you will be clear on how to do it.

  1. To Train For Ruthless Execution

The Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience is loaded with intensive ASSIGNMENTS that you are expected to EXECUTE DAILY and also FEEDBACKS that you are expected to implement.

As a Mentee, you will get to experience the Electrifying Charisma of Coach Temi firsthand which is guaranteed to create the spark to launch your own journey.

P.S: Previous Mentees of the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience have testified that every interaction with Coach Temi leaves them imparted and energised to take action. This is really why this is called an ‘Experience’ and not just a program.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]3. To Gain Direct Access To Me and Further Support From Me

Having been an entrepreneur for over 13 years now and because I place a high premium on self development, you can be assured of fresh insights from me.

Not only will you have access to me and tap into my wealth of knowledge in the group, you will also get my first-hand attention and unwavering support on your projects.

4. To Build A Quality Network

The people you will be interacting with in the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience are high intelligent individuals with great ambition. Those are the only kind of people I attract.

By being my mentee, you will be exposed to my broad circle that consists of high achieving individuals.



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Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience (T.A.M.E)


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A 50 Day Mentoring Program designed to help you launch and grow your personal brand online.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Being in the right circle changed my life.

When I say ‘circle’, I mean every person I gave my time and allowed to influence my life. Starting from my family members to my friends, the Facebook groups I joined and the contacts I kept on my BBM (when Blackberry was still a thing).

My need for a successful circle became obvious when I realized that in over 10 years, I have sold just about anything but was never able to build a successful business around any of them until I began my online business about 5 years ago. 

The moment I discovered this, I sought quality mentoring with all I’ve got and today I’m the better for it.[/text_block]

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This Is What My Circle Is Saying:


Bankole Williams

Temi is a passionate, hardworking and optimistic young lady who goes beyond the perceived impossible to achieve extraordinary results. Her goal oriented, ‘never-say-die’ attitude keeps her admirable and anyone who works with her will be sure to smash their goals.

Bankole Williams, Live Your Dreams Africa

Onome Adeyemo

Temi Ajibewa is an amazing lady.
Working with her gave me clarity and deep insight into the niche I am passionate about.
For effective results, The Electric Temi is the go to coach.
For doubling and tripling your investment, Temi is the resource person to reach out to.
For discovering your purpose in life, Temi is the one to talk to.
Thanks so much for allowing GOD to use you change lives positively.

Onome Adeyemo, Sparkling Marriage Academy

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

The “Electric Temi” as she is fondly called is a passionate, creative, and versatile business woman who is committed to elevating every woman that comes in contact with her in the areas of financial empowerment, entrepreneurship, and using what you have in your hands right now. She walks the talk and has helped many women break free from the poverty mentality.

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, John Maxwell Coach and Trainer


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]As I mentioned earlier; “A mentor’s yesterday is your own tomorrow”.

As a certified Peak Performance Consultant, Business and Results Coach, the Temi Ajibewa Mentoring Experience is my exclusive way of making myself available as a mentor to ambitious, young and savvy individuals that desire to get the kind of results that I have gotten in my journey so far and to also act as a guiding light to show them what’s possible and practical ways they can improve their lives and business in a very interactive, informal and highly affordable platform.[/text_block]


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  • 7 Activities Worksheets ($329 value)

  • Content Creation Calendar ($85 value)

  • 7 Weeks of Strategic Visibility ($499 value)

  • Group accountability (Priceless)

  • 7 Tech Tutorials ($343 value)

  • Weekly Feedback ($396 value)

  • Quality Network in the Community (Priceless)

  • A Strategic Visibility Calendar ($47 value)

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Total Value: $1,699

Price: $200



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The discount value for this program is $200 but we offer early bird discounts you can take advantage of by clicking the button below.


Click Here For Current Discounts


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  • q-iconHow exactly will the program run?

    The program runs as a 50 DAYS VISIBILITY CHALLENGE in a closed Facebook group where you will get daily lessons and tasks to execute. 

    You will also get feedback directly from me on ALL your activities in the group.

    You can ask me any question pertaining to the exercises right in the group and I will answer you.

  • q-iconWhat exactly is the whole idea of TAME?

    The idea is to provide you with the right strategies and mentoring you need to launch your personal brand visibility ONLINE.

    During the program, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks I have employed in my career as a successful business coach.

  • q-iconIs this mentoring only for women in Nigeria?

    No, not at all. T.A.M.E is open to every upwardly mobile person who seeks direction on how to scale their personal brand online.

    It is a community with no geographical boundary because the principles Coach Temi shares are applicable globally.

  • q-iconWhat makes T.A.M.E different from other courses and programs out there?

    First, T.AM.E is not another course or even another membership group. It is so much more and yet, LESS.

    One thing you can be sure of is that this is not where you get more and more information because we know you have enough of that already.

    What you get here is ACCESS and STRATEGY to know what exactly to EXECUTE per time.

  • q-iconHow exactly does the mentoring program work?

    The mentoring holds in a Facebook group for 50 days, with daily tasks that is designed to help you get popular online. Coach Temi would be giving feedback on the tasks and answering ALL your questions in the group.

    Occasionally, we would hold live meetings so we can network qualitatively offline but the majority of our interactions will be in the Facebook group.

  • q-iconCan I join at anytime?

    Absolutely! However, we have a limited number of people we can take in per time. Once we reach our limit, the ‘Join Now’ button will be deactivated and you will be required to join the waiting list against the next admission.

  • q-iconWill I be able to send Coach Temi personal messages when I need help?

    No, if you want such personal access, The Inner Circle Program is your better choice. Get the full details at www.temiajibewa.com/innercircle


  • q-iconWill Coach Temi be teaching me how to start an online business?

    No. This program is for those who want to build a profitable personal brand and want me to mentor them based on my expertise as a business and results coach. For online business training, kindly visit www.themillionairehousewife.com


  • q-iconI can’t enrol for this program now, when would the next admission be?

    Currently, we admit people only twice a year. Once this set is full, you will have to join the waiting list for the next set.


  • q-iconIs this program money-back guaranteed?

    Absolutely. If at the end of this program you do not think you have gotten value for your money, you can request for a refund with evidence that you indeed put in the work and got no results.

  • q-iconWill Coach Temi be teaching us how to become a coach?

    No, the purpose of the mentoring program is to help you build visibility as a personal brand especially if you want to build a business around your skills, expertise, passion and experience.

    If you would like to become certified as a business coach in our Win or Win Academy, send a mail to enquiry@winorwin.com

Click Here To Join

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  • Clarity & Strategy

    As a certified Results & Business Coach, Coach Temi is known to be gifted with having the right word in the right season. She has a way of distilling matters, asking pertinent questions that will leave one’s heart illuminated and the spirit with a sense of direction so that you will not only know what to do, you will be clear on how to do it.

  • Ruthless Execution

    Weekly, you will be getting ASSIGNMENTS & FEEDBACK from Coach while you are expected to EXECUTE DAILY. Coach Temi is not called the Electric Temi for nothing. So many have testified that every interaction with her mind leaves them impacted and energised to take action. This is really why this is called an ‘Experience’ and not just a program.

  • Access and Support

    Being an entrepreneur for over 13 years now and because Coach Temi is ALWAYS developing herself, you can be sure of fresh insights you can tap into for strategies that can take your life and business to the next level. Not only will you have access to tap into her genius mind and ask her your questions at any time-T, you also get her support on your projects.

  • Quality Network

    You will agree that not everyone is smart enough to seek mentoring at this level and unless they are going somewhere great, they will not think it necessary to seek help. Therefore, the people you will be interacting with in T.A.M.E are surely people of high intellect and great ambition who will rob off on you and move you further in life.

Get Started Now

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More Questions? Please Call 08136487261 or email support@temiajibewa.com


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Here Is The Ultimate Cost Of Inaction (COI)


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]If you don’t take action now, you are definitely going to pay for your inaction. It would cost you:

A Fortune: that is a real opportunity to get paid for your knowledge by building your personal brand.

Your Health: It is said that if you don’t know how to make money in your sleep, you will work till you die. If you keep trading hours for dollars, it will tell on your health eventually.

Your Impact: Just imagine how many people will remain lost because you have refused to share your knowledge with the world. I believe you were created to make an impact. Don’t let anything hold you back.[/text_block]

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