You probably already heard about sales funnels and how they can boost your sales. If you have, it’s true. A well-made sales funnel also increases brand awareness as well. Before we go on, let’s define a sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

It’s the series of steps that it takes for the leads generated from your promotion campaigns to become paying clients in a process called lead conversion. A sales funnel is said to convert when it successfully takes the people in your audience through the processes that lead up to the exchange of their money for the value you offer (buy from you).

In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips that can help you create a sales funnel for your coaching business. And not just any sales funnel, one that converts your leads into paying clients!

So grab a pen and notepad and pay attention as you read on.

Tip 1

Know your target audience:

They say that the world is a marketplace but you’re definitely not selling your coaching services to everybody. There are specific sets of people who need your help. Your job here is to identify them. Research what exactly they want, where they hang out on social media and then target your promotional efforts at them. 

Tip 2

Create your customer avatar:

A customer avatar is a fictional character you create who reflects everything about your ideal client. From their sex to their age and from their jobs to their emotional state. Writing down all of this, helps you to visualise your ideal customer’s habits. So that you can create better products and target your ads effectively.

Tip 3

Take advantage of paid advertising:

Someone once said that to make sales of $1,000,000,000 be prepared to spend up to $100,000 on advertising. I’d say as a coach, with digital offers, be prepared to spend $900,000 on advertising! This is because organic reach is good but there’s only so much it can do for you. Paid advertising however, generates so much more leads into your funnel.

Tip 4

Engage your audience:

When the results of your promotional effort – your leads – start pouring in, they should find you ready and waiting with your offer. Tell them about your coaching products and services. Have quality content that not only shows that you know your onions but that also adds value to your audience. Also, be deliberate about making your content attractive by offering relevant freebies.

Tip 5

Convert your leads:

This is the last stage of a sales funnel. Here, your leads have consumed your content and found them valuable. They then proceed to buy from you. Increase your chances of sealing the deal by making the process of payment easy by providing multiple payment options.

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