Design Your Dream Life Coaching Retreat With The Electric Temi

Discover and unlock the inner depths of your potential, overcome limiting beliefs stopping you from greatness, and design your dream life from a place of infinite possibilities.

Friday 25th November – Sunday, 27th November 2022


What Is The Reason Behind Your Pursuit For Success, Fame, and Power?

Dear Phenomenal Leader, 

I asked myself this question some 15 years ago.

And my answer back then, was to prove a point to my biological father that he was wrong about me.

I wanted him to realise that he made a terrible mistake by rejecting me ‘from the womb’. 

I wanted to prove to him that the child he discarded will later be his lifeline one day.

And I succeeded. I made the money sufficient enough to place him on a monthly salary.

But what happened next was a shocker! 

I quickly discovered that my motivation for success was no longer valid. 

I realised that if I want to access endless wealth and prosperity in my life, I must tap from a well that never runs dry. 

After attending a life-changing conference in London with Tony Robbins in 2018, I understood what I needed to do to fuel up my drive for success — the right motivation that will keep me burning for more till I die — and since then everything has changed for me.

I’ve consistently and continuously set goals and crushed them — and I didn’t end there.

I’ve gone on to produce results for thousands of my students, clients, and friends using the tools and strategies I would like to share with you.

In this ‘Design Your Dream Life Coaching Retreat‘, you will learn the key elements you need to find the right motivation to keep you going. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to set new goals and execute them with speed.

I want you to join me on this ride as I take you through a phenomenal transformational journey that will guarantee your productivity and vitality in the coming years. I want you to join me on this phenomenal Journey of Transformation guaranteed to bring you outstanding results within the next 6 months! 

With Love, 

Electric Temi. 

Wonderful Surprises Await YOU! 🤩

We hate to spoil surprises but we have to let you see some of the wonderful endowments that come with this one-time experience!

This retreat is not just 4 days off from work. Our plan is to set you in the right posture to attract your dream life. To do this, you have to get rid of every form of noise distracting your focus – work, social media, the children, family troubles, and all concerns of life. 

With lots of awesome activities set in our itinerary just for you like daily meditation, journaling, daily yoga exercises, and spiritual activities you will leave with improved vitality, mental wellness, physical health, motivation, and creativity so that you can start a new year afresh with a new and refined fuel for success.

Coach Temi's Five Critical Keys To Unlimited Success

In this retreat, you’ll get deep insights into Coach Temi’s signature framework for success. With the knowledge of these critical keys to unlimited success, you can be able to plan and predict your future breakthrough and success.  They are: Mind-work, Vision-work, Daily-work, Network and Capacity-work.  

Fun and Unforgettable exciting memories

We want to spoil you with the best and nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Let’s get you set up for a successful year by refreshing and energising you from the get-go. In order to achieve this, we have included some fun activities that will maximise your performance and self-esteem.

Networking Opportunities with Game Changers Like Yourself

In the room we will have industry leaders, men and women of high calibre, chief executives across different industries. Consider this a lifetime opportunity to interact and build your network with quality people.

Group Coaching and Accountability Session

We are getting you ready for the unleashing of your unique awesomeness and to achieve this, you need to connect with visionary like-minds. On the last day of the event, you’ll be assigned into a group of 4-6 for accountability and a 60 minutes group coaching session with Coach Temi.

This experience is more personal than the general coaching you get at the retreat. You’ll enjoy heart-to-heart conversations, you’ll hear the good and the bad stories and experiences, life philosophies of world genius, and personally-tailored solutions to all your problems. 

Full accommodation and support

We’ve ensured that your one-time investment covers for your feeding, and accommodation for two night in an exquisite location in Lagos. It is our promise that you will be satisfied with the location and will be comfortable there.

3 Days Itinerary

Here's the programme planned for you at the 3 days retreat. This draft is not final and it is subject to change. However you'll receive a copy of this at the retreat to always keep up with the flow. 



This is a transformational reset program that will launch you into your next BIG PHASE. 

It’s for anyone tired of setting goals and not achieving them, going year in, year out without tangible results to show forth. It’s for you if you want MORE!

So how much are you willing to invest to bring into actualisation your biggest dreams?


Asides the pleasure and treasure we have in store for you, enjoy maximum comfort with our priced down accommodation and flight bookings readily waiting for you. 


N700,000 ($1,000)


N350,000 ($500)


Mode of payment

You can make payment through a direct bank transfer to The Temi Ajibewa Brand. Or pay in dollars with our stripe link in the payment info.  

Payment Plan

Unfortunately there’s no payment plan for this offer, all payment will have to be paid once so we can begin registration and bookings immediately. 


Please note that there is refund once payment is made. Alternatively you can select someone else to attend in your stead. 

Arrangement for couples

If you’d love to attend this coaching retreat as a couple or pair, send a message to us at winorwinconsults@gmail.com for special arrangements and discount prices.  

Slots Available

Please note that there are only 20 slots available for this retreat. Registration closes once we have all 20 slots filled even if this is before the registration deadline. 

Closing date of registration

The Registration Deadline for this retreat is: November 15th, 2022

Meet Coach Temi Ajibewa

Coach Temi Ajibewa (CTA), popularly called The Electric Temi, is an award winning and highly sought after thought leader in the personal development and business niches in Nigeria because of the way she ignites her audience and clients into possibilities.

CTA is a 2 time Amazon Bestselling Author and has published several books including A Millennial’s Guide to Mentoring and How To Make Millions Doing What You Love.

CTA focuses on helping individuals and organisations to live their best lives and achieve timeless results using her original catalytic coaching frameworks.

She is the founder of The Millionaire Housewife Initiative, a foremost edu-tech platform in Africa, designed to help women launch and grow successful businesses from home by leveraging on the internet so that they can make empowered decisions, raise strong families and support causes they believe in. 

She’s the CEO of Win or Win Consults, a forward-thinking organisation that renders coaching and consulting services to leading individuals and organisations who want to create wealth and impact.

As a Coach she develops content and trains on personal mastery, personal brand building, peak performance, mentoring, goal setting, wealth creation and sales funnels strategies.

She is a proud recipient of the The Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Award by The Women on Fire Initiative, The Business Coach Of The Year 2018 by the Entrepreneur Africa Awards, Coach of the Year 2019 by Crystals Professional Services and one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria by She Leads Africa.

Testimonial from one of Nigeria's Best

Niyi Adesanya (Performance and Leadership Strategists)

"Have you ever had someone who felt like a breath of fresh air? That is how Temi Ajibewa is. She brings with her a unique and electrifying load of energy in everything she does. As long as this dynamic phase of world revolution is concerned, she is definitely the next titan to watch out for!"

Testimonials About ‘Design Your Dream Life’ Coaching Retreat That Makes Us Happy 😊

"For me, the retreat was one of the best investments I ever made. The knowledge shared was timely and practical.

Ever since the retreat, I have been able to get a clear roadmap for my life. In less than 2 weeks of the retreat I have achieved two major milestones that have been continuously pushed back throughout the year.

I have to say to Coach that your resilience, wealth of knowledge and ability to get us all to execute is second to none. I’ll definitely be attending next year’s retreat.

I can’t imagine my next year without it.

I am so grateful for you, CTA."
Fiona Wagbatsoma
Transformational Coach
"Design Your Dream Life Retreat was an absolute learning point for me!

Before I attended, I knew I would get my much needed clarity but NOT to the extent that I did.

At the end of the retreat, I had a strong conviction in my mind that my goals are definitely achievable, all I needed to do was execute my plans as I’ve learnt.

Since the retreat, my major setback (which was procrastination) has been nipped in the bud as I now have actions for each day which moves me towards achieving my overall goals.

Thank you coach Temi, you never held back in sharing your expertise and personal experience.

It was an unforgettable experience for me to be a part of the DYDY Retreat."
Abimbola Sikiru
Cake Design Coach

The Design Your Dream Life Coaching Retreat Is Built Around Coach Temi 6 Critical Keys For Unlimited Success.

There is victory in becoming aware and acknowledging where you are presently, what you’re passing through, and things that need change. This is what drives clarity in knowing exactly what you and where you want to be in the nearest future.

To become your authentic self and become the person you have envisioned there needs to be an alignment with your inner truths. You must let go of excesses that way you down and prioritize your focus – unnecessary relationships, bad habits, etc. This will finally allow you to leave life on your terms, instead of responding to the demands of the world around you.


“Write it down, make it plain so that he that reads, can run with it” If you read that verse carefully, you will see that what makes the person run with a goal is reading it and how can one read something if it has not been written? This inadvertently means that you must write down your goals and visualise them according to what you want. This is your manifesto – your vow. It gives you a clear map as to how you run your life henceforth.

After setting clear goals, you’re going to break down those humongous goals into smaller bits. You’ll do this by designing actionable steps and setting milestones and levels of achievement. Each milestone or level of achievement brings you closer to the actualization of a goal.


Most people fail to achieve their goals because of a lack of EXECUTION. They say a lot of things, plan a lot but they never execute them. You’re the CEO of your life, your real job is EXECUTION. Therefore, you must have an execution pathway for the goals you’ve set.

To remain committed to your goals and to ensure that you actualize those goals you’ve written, you’re going to have to be accountable first to yourself and then to an accountability partner. Your accountability partner is someone ready to listen, support, and push you towards achieving your goals.


Add Some Spice Awesomeness Into Your Life, and Shape Your Future For Global Greatness by Attending the Design Your Dream Life Coaching Retreat.

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