Do You Wish To Move From Stagnancy To Massive Progress in 90 Days or Less?

Yes? Then I suggest you carefully read this page to the end.

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Does This Describe You?


  • You know you would do more with your life if you can OVERCOME procrastination and get important things done but somehow, you are unable to avoid the plenty distraction that takes your productive hours from you.

  • You are a business owner, there is so much you want to do but somehow you always feel like 24 hours is not enough for you to achieve success.

  • You get very excited about something at first but after few days you lose steam and enthusiasm to follow through and this continues in a vicious cycle and now YOU ARE JUST TIRED!

  • You wish you had a companion of people who are hungry for success as you are so that they can hold you accountable to your goals so you can BE more, DO more and HAVE more?

  • You are a CREATIVE with lofty goals in your head but you are totally lost as to how to execute or the first step to even take towards achieving the goals you set at the beginning of this year.

  • You just NEED one person – a mentor or an accountability partner – who will not allow you give excuses, but rather hold you accountable to your goals and take your success personal.

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I feel you.

I know what it feels like to begin a journey to greatness and because you don’t have the right energy around you , you quit at the sight of an obstacle.

But deep down within you, you want to achieve more. In fact, you KNOW you can achieve more!


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Years ago, psycho-scientists told us that we needed 21 days to form a habit but that is no longer the case. Now, Psychologists put it at 66 days. That’s triple what it used to be!

No wonder majority of us have been struggling to form our healthy and empowering habits.

It has been said that procrastination is a stealer of destiny and people who suffer from it are not actually lazy. It just makes you do everything else but what you really should be doing.

Curing procrastination starts with having just one goal or focus per time.

Followed by the commitment to put in the hard or required work to achieve it.

And most importantly, the right support system that will be needed when the going gets tough because growth causes a stretch which sometimes, can be painful.

Successful people invest in their support system because they know they cannot do things alone by themselves, or at least not as effectively.

So how do you intend to build this support system, where you are not judged nor jeered at your struggles?

How about if I offered to be a part of your support system?

What if I offered to not only support you but also inspire you to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

What if I provided you with my secrets to setting goals I crush year in year out and actually help you to break your goals down into actionable plans?

That is essentially what the CRUSH IT Execution Program is all about.


At the CRUSH IT Execution Program, I will be working with you to make working daily on your goals a favorite pastime for you.

You will be able to choose one or two particular goal you would like to crush in 2019 and make it your focus.

It may even be a new habit you will like to form. Whatever it is, if you think you need accountability to stay on course, this is for you.



Before I joined the Crush It Program, I have always known what I wanted to achieve, but I wasn’t going about it the right way.

This program has helped me to align myself and my goals properly and has given me so much clarity to achieve them one day at a time.

I faced my fears and I started going LIVE on social media which is something that I have been struggling with for over 2 years!

My visibility on Social media (Instagram) increased and I went from a struggling 3k to more than 6k followers all in 30 days of being in the Crush It Program.

Coach Temi is Pure Fire!

She has the capacity to ignite and bring out the greatness and potential even in the weakest of persons.

Anyone that comes in contact with her can never remain the same!

If you are struggling with implementing their goals, you need CRUSH IT.

Esther Egwunye


  • Monthly group coaching call where I would help you break down your goals into actionable plans.
  • Daily accountability partner who will be your dream buddy throughout this journey.
  • Weekly ‘tough love’ check up from me. This is where I come in to poke my nose in your affairs, sorry, I mean keep you on track. LOL
  • A support group on Facebook where you can draw strength from others just like you.
  • To make this accessible to you no matter where in the world you are, this program holds online!

What’s Your Investment?


Regular Price: N124,600 (per 90 days)


DISCOUNT PRICE: N73,500 (One time payment)

N42,000 (2-time payment)


Now that’s not all. I know the price is already a kill but guess what? I have plenty bonuses for you.

The Execution worksheet (valued at N10,500)

The Art of Goal Setting course (valued at N18,000)

The Science of Goal Setting course (valued at N36,000)

Total: N64,500


If setting goals and following through has become a thorn in your flesh over the years now, these video training will show you how I have been able to set, smash and surpass my goals consistently for the past 3 years.

There’s even more… but I will leave the remaining to surprise you.

Before I joined the Crush It Program, I was in a state of confusion as to what I should be doing to achieve my goals. I felt like I needed more from life but felt confused and overwhelmed, not sure how to go about it.

January, 2019 has been the best for me so far simply because of the Crush It Execution Program by the Electric Temi.

This program gave me clarity on how to properly structure my thoughts and set SMART goals.

I am able to break my goals into daily achievable bits and that has kept me on top of my game as I now know what I should be doing daily.

The daily affirmations has helped me a great deal, I now have this level of boldness and confidence that prompts me to reach for my goal regardless of the inner struggles. I have a renewed sense of purpose and also a mindset shift from seeing limitations to being olptimistic and having a can-do and it-is-possible attitude.

The execution mojo and accountability part of the program was the height of it all. It kept me on my toes and that has been reflected positively in every aspect of my life.

Thank you Coach Temi for showing me how.

God bless you.

Lola Ayangbayi



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Now, if you looked at the price and all the bonuses attached, you will agree that I am indeed doing this at a crazy discount and in case you’re wondering why, here you go ….

I am someone who is primarily motivated by SIGNIFICANCE and this means I love being part of people’s success story. I looked round and saw that majority of us actually KNOW what we should be doing because we have read so many books and taken so many courses, but we are not doing them, not because we lack discipline but because we lack support and this is where I come in.

Firstly, Because I want to be a part of a lot of people’s success story, I decided to make this so affordable for anyone who really has worthwhile goals to achieve.

Secondly, 2019 has been good to me so far and it is not because I am a good Christian. So this is my own way of actually giving back to the society and sharing of my ‘electricity’ to as many as need it because if I was to put an appropriate price tag on this, a lot of people who really need this will miss out.

What would it feel like for you to finally tick that major accomplishment ‘done’ on your list?

What would it feel like for you to finish writing your book in 30 days?

How would you feel if you could lose those extra KG in 30 days?


Do you want your next 90 days to be your most profitable year yet?




Next session opens in June. Enter your details below to be the first to hear of our bonuses when we open

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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  • Will Temi be teaching me how to grow my business or make more money?

    This Program is designed to help you set SMART goals and keep you ACCOUNTABLE to executing them. What Temi will be teaching you includes how to powerfully set your goals, map them out into daily activities and smash them effortlessly so you can have your desired results.

  • Will have access to Temi on a one-on-one basis?

    This is a group program and as such, your access to Temi will be in the group platforms designed for this program unless Temi reaches out to you herself for accountability purposes. To have Temi as your private execution coach costs N72,000 monthly. You get one monthly private strategic sessions with her where you will both set your goals and map out your weekly and daily activities. You also get the access to chat her up daily on your goals as she also keeps you accountable. If you prefer this, kindly send a mail to

  • What is the difference between this program and the Business of YOU Blueprint (aka Inner Circle)?

    The Inner Circle program is where I show you how to create impact, influence and income doing what you love. Basically, I help you build a personal brand around your passion and expertise in a way that makes you a profitable go-to person in your niche.

  • How exactly does it work?

    We hold monthly zoom sessions to set our goals and then break it down into weekly and daily action plans. We pair with one person for accountability and Temi checks up on each member weekly. We also interact in a Facebook messenger group. We also use a tool known as the execution mojo which allows you to state and mark your daily activities as done or undone. Every undone costs you N500 each at the end of the week

  • How many goals am I expected to set monthly or quarterly?

    It depends on how many areas of your life you want to focus on because this is an all round program.
    At the beginning, we all do the wheel of life exercise so you can know where exactly to focus on.
    Temi will also give you some training that will help you set better goals and some practices that will help you smash the goals better and faster.

  • What happens immediately I subscribe?

    Once you subscribe, you will get a mail containing all the bonuses attached to the course from my team. You will also get the direct link to the Facebook support group and calmly wait for the class to kick-start in full force.

Meet Your Coach

Temi Ajibewa

I’m a Life and Business Coach popularly known as The Electric Temi

I bring my energy into this program to ensure that you ditch all your excuses and crush your goals.

Joining the Crush It Execution Program will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life as you get to join my Results Circle of friends who are putting in the daily work required to give them the success they deserve.

Click on any of the tabs above to join me.