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You’re in for life-changing moments. It’s time to crush the inner voice that says “you can’t do it” because you’ve not been attracting your dream clients; it’s time to completely destroy the feelings of “I’m not good enough” so you can reach the highest level of success in your coaching business this year.

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Step 2

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My best guess is that you have a family member or a group of friends who might need this badly. Don’t be stingy in sharing opportunities like this with them - they might need this as much as you do. Do you know someone else who craves emotional and financial freedom, needs to break out of their comfort zone, and launch out of the same old holding pattern or plateau they’ve been stuck in for days, months or even years in their coaching business? Invite them now to join you!

We’ve made it super easy for you – just copy and paste the paragraph below and send a text or an email to share the link:

Hey there! I’m attending this transformational class on Sunday, January 29th by 2pm CST / 8pm UK! It’s completely FREE and I’d like for you to join me so that we can reach our highest level of potential this coming year. Click here to register – it’s FREE! >>> https://temiajibewa.com/cac

You can even create your own “Join Me To Attend” flier to share on your social media handles and tag Coach Temi - @temiajibewa

Step 3

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