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8 Bundles | 53 Courses | 3 Worksheets |
2 Ebooks | 1 Facilitator​

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How would you feel when you take a powerful and personal journey to mastering your money while creating the wealth you desire? 

Would you like to harness the key strategies of wealth creation so you can thrive regardless of the economic conditions around you?

Do you want to break through patterns of self and wealth sabotage and fears that keep holding you back from hitting your financial goals? 

Do you want to install the right wealth creation habits that creates maximum financial freedom, optimum health and peak vitality?

Then take advantage of the MONEY-MAKING BUNDLE offer NOW so that you can from a zero or almost zero account balance to a 7 figure income-generating machine.

In this bundle, you have all access to:

  1. Master Your Money Game webinar
  2. The Millionaire Mind-shift masterclass
  3. Wealth Creation Masterclass 

Bundle Value: $50/N25,000

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Do you struggle to set goals or follow up on your plans? 

The Goal Setting Bundle is your solution. 

This bundle covers strategic frameworks to design, manage and execute your goals for the year. 

In this bundle, you’ll get two courses, one 3-hour masterclass and a workbook:

  • The Art of Goal Setting course
  • The Science of Goal Setting course
  • How to Slay Your Next 12 Months masterclass
  • Execution worksheet to get you into the execution zone.

Bundle Value: $200/N100,000

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Do you have a level of knowledge or expertise you want to share with people and earn an income while doing that?

Do you have a burning desire to write, publish and become a bestselling author?

Are you scared of publishing your ebook, because you think no one will buy from you?

Discover the easy techniques to write, publish and become a PROFITABLE AUTHOR in less than 30 days even if you are a newbie or don’t like writing.

Bundle Value: $50/N25,000

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Do you have a message that can transform people, businesses and industries?

Do you want to impact millions of lives with your gifts and expertise?

Here is the 10-in-1 Master-kit to Building A Profitable Personal Brand in 30 Days or Less.

Use these new Brand-to-Profit techniques to increase your brand value and perception so you can command high-paying clients and 10x your results than before.

Bundle Value: $120/N60,000

Get Now For $40/N20,000

Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck not knowing how to break free from your 9-5 job?

Do you want to build a business that guarantees daily income and you will never have to go broke again?

Are you in dire need of clarity on what online business to start and how to grow your online business to 7 figure?

Discover How I Moved From Being A Broke Housewife To Starting An Online Business That Generated 2.3 Million Naira In 3 Weeks!

The Online Business Starter Kit Contains 21 Video Tutorials that will get you started and lead you to success on this path you are about to thread. Consider it your mini-MBA program on online business strategies, structure and systems.

Bundle Value: $100/N50,000

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Are you usually the go-to person when your friends or people want a solution about a particular issue or industry?

Would you like to create an EXTRA STREAM of income from your passion or talents?

Would you like to move from passionately broke to passionately-rich? 

Then this bundle is for you.

Discover How You Can Turn Giving Free Advice To $1,000 or More Every Month.

In this bundle, you have access to 3 lessons to help you start and grow a business around your passion, 3 worksheets and extra 2 bonus lessons.

Bundle Value: $50/N25,000

Get Now For $30/N15,000

Have you been trying to sell your products and services online but without any headway?

Are you overwhelmed with the entire online marketing process and desperately need a way out?

Is the whole online business thing becoming more of a burden than a blessing?

Would you like to discover how to automate your entire sales process, so it can bring in more money and deep-pockets clients even while you’re sleeping?

Get my Proven Strategies on How To Attract HIGH-TICKET CLIENTS That Will Pay You For Your Products Even If You’re A Newbie Or Don’t Like Marketing.

Bundle Value: $100/N50,000

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Are you tired of being dependent on someone and want to be FINANCIALLY FREE?

You want to ditch your 9-5 job but you’re not sure what to do next as it is the major source of income for you?

You are finally ready to create a system that will generate more money for you even when you sleep?

Discover The Easiest Way To Start Earning Money From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Get my fool-proof blueprint that can get you your first million in 30 days or less. 

Do you have a passion, skill, knowledge or expertise that you have been teaching people for free and you are wondering how to start earning from it? 

Do you desire a life of impact, influence and wealth?

Do you want to increase your coaching income in millions? 

Discover How to Earn In Millions as a Coach and How Easy it can be to Succeed in your coaching business as a newbie coach by paying for the NEWBIE COACH BUNDLE even if you have never earned as a Coach.

The Newbie Coach bundle contains 2 masterclasses and a full course on how to set up your coaching practice for success especially if you are starting from scratch.

In this course you will have access to:

1. How to launch a multimillion dollar coaching business masterclass

2. Clients Attraction and Conversion Strategies masterclass

3. Easy steps to an online coaching business course.

Bundle Value: $100/N50,000

Get Now For $40/N20,000

Do you want to live a life of abundance, I mean massive success in life? 

Have you been wondering how you can move from that point of stagnancy to your next level? 

Would you like to be financially free and join the millionaire gang? Then this is your bundle!

Discover The Easiest and Surest ways to MASSIVE SUCCESS by buying this bundle.

This bundle will help you position yourself for your dream status of being a millionaire no matter how much blow life has dealt you in the past.

In this bundle, you will gain access to:

1. 7 Keys to positioning yourself for success (audio course)

2. Move from stagnancy to massive progress course.

3. Millionaire or Nothing Masterclass (live event replay)

Bundle Value: $200/N100,000

Get Now For $60/N30,000

“Having Temi as my coach has been one of my two best decisions this year. It prompted me to take action and helped me gain clarity. It has reduced the anxiety and redirected my energies in a pleasantly different direction. I am amazed at what an old soul you are…brilliant, sagacious, passionate, kind, a leader per excellence. I am honored to be in your mentorship and I am glad you are part of my success story. God bless you Temi.


Ochudo Okojokwu Ayi

“Working with Coach Temi helped me to set goals that kept me pumped and ready to rule my world. I got confident enough to hold my live event and sponsor charity programs for undergraduates. By implementing what I learned in the program, I was able to build a proper business structure, set business goals, and smash them consistently. I got branding clients, held several online training, set up my online community, built an email list, and most importantly, was able to afford high-end personal development programs like NLP without feeling somehow.”


Frances Aborigho

“Coach Temi had set a goal for my business and was not taking ‘NO’ for an answer. My initial reaction was “is it her business, what kind of outlandish goal is this?” But in no time, I learnt that the fear of Temi’s cyber eyes is the beginning of wisdom so I implemented what I had learnt and I was able to exceed this goal by 100%! If you are running a business (not a charity) and you really want to grow and make money from it, you need to have Temi as your Coach. Believe me, you will not regret it.”


Ochudo Okojokwu Ayi

8 Bundles | 53 Courses | 3 Worksheets |
2 Ebooks | 1 Facilitator​

You will gain access to your bundles immediately your payment is confirmed.

Here Is The Ultimate Cost Of Inaction (COI) 👇🏾

If you don’t take action now, you are definitely going to pay for your inaction. It would cost you:

A Fortune: that is a real opportunity to get paid for your knowledge and expertise through the transformation and clarity you’ll get in these bundles.

Your Health: It is said that if you don’t know how to make money in your sleep, you will work till you die. If you keep trading hours for dollars, it will tell on your health eventually.

Your Impact: Just imagine how many people will remain lost because you have refused to share your knowledge with the world. I believe you were created to make an impact. Don’t let anything hold you back.

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